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Bilbao Accordion Symphony Orchestra wishes a happy World Accordion Day to all accordionists around the world.

Today, we celebrate this World Accordion Day with the same spirit our founder, master composer and conductor Mr. Josu Loroño, imbued us. Strength, passion and truth, aiming to captivate the public with an innovative, fresh and unique sound, while maintaining our roots, essence and musical and artistic professionalism.

A different, surprising vision, with exclusive musical arrangements of the best music by the greatest national and international composers in history. This musical heritage of our Bilbao Accordion Symphony Orchestra, today continued by our master conductor Ms. Amagoia Loroño, is the hallmark of our success among the public.

Audiences of all ages that enjoy each concert of our Orchestra, which gives itself in body and soul, so spectators experience the magic of a live show.

Let´s celebrate the joy of music and accordion, with best wishes from the bellows of the Bilbao Accordion Symphony Orchestra.


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